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Dress yourself happy Posted On 12 January 2021

Stuck at home all day looking at the grey sky at your window? Dress your way to happiness this month and lighten your mood.


Lockdown is tough. Especially this one which has fallen in the middle of winter. That hour of exercise doesn’t look so appealing when the rain is falling and the wind is freezing, does it? You’ve listened to your favourite playlist on Spotify for the sixth time this morning, and Piers Morgan is still arguing with everyone.


There is a way to start the day in a positive frame of mind though. Wearing nice clothes that make you feel good about yourself is up there with keeping you warm and dry. So, instead of dragging yourself out of bed and putting back on yesterday’s PJs, take some time to take care of yourself.


Have a shower with some vibrant and fruity-smelling shower gel (something citrusy is good) brush your teeth, and if you wear it, put on some make-up. Then go through your wardrobe and follow the science. Studies suggest that yellow, pink and red have an uplifting, energising effect on our mood, while blue makes us calmer.


Studies suggest that wearing bright colours projects energy and warmth into the world that gets reflected back. So even if you’re home alone, every time you walk past a mirror you’ll get to see yourself in an energetic state. And, if you are at home alone, why not try out something new?


That Hawaiian shirt that you thought was too garish, or that bright yellow sweater that you were worried would be a health hazard, are perfect to wear at home alone and make you feel more confident. Have fun with your clothing. Want to escape the cold outside, turn the heating up and put on your favourite shorts and tee-shirt.


Your clothes have power. As well as comfort and practicality, they build your confidence and release dopamines that make you feel happy. And we could all do with a pick-me-up at times this month.


So, go wild, clean yourself up, and dress yourself happy today!

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